On the trail, Tuscany

Tuscany Umbria thought

The incredible bike trip has begun to blend together four days to Rome, four days of enjoyment among new friends. The hills continue, the miles continue to mount, the comrodrie grows.  
I have found a home among the riders, 32 strong, 4-5 sub groups, each with a different daily goal.  The fastest group is just that, fast strong focused. Another small group is fast but finds the best foods and drinks. Two other groups vary but faster than my group.
My group, I'm not the leader but more of the sweeper and photographer is slower and steady moving. We stop for morning coffee, we stop for lunch and on the long days we stop for afternoon break. We are led by Hette and Jon, they are Dutch and enjoy life to the fullest.  Our group varies by the day, from eight to twelve and how a few members feel.  This late in this long trip, more people opt out and ride the bus if they feel pains in any joints or muscles. The youngest is 59 the oldest is 79.
We are all strong, ya need to catch us at different parts of the day to see us strong


Tuscany and Umbria are two large regional known for its natural beauty and incredible views. It's true, however what is not so widely known is that to get high enough to have views, it requires going uphill.  Since this is a bike trip, climbing is what we did, day after day.  Yes for nearly every up hill is a downhill, it's the number of hills per day is what makes this a long day.  
4,000 feet, yep one say we did 4,000 vertical feet of climbing, yes we went down 4,000 feet, but you remember the up, hours of up, minutes of down.  In this group, you can tell the amount of climbing by the amount of consumed cool beers that night. This night we drank a lot 
Sheep in the fields

Florence pictures

Early wait for David
30 minutes later

Fake David

Day 27, Florence, and final rest day

True fully their is no rest days on this trip, as John would say, rolling rest day.  Meaning still riding, walking, working and moving about. Just means two nights in one hotel. 3 "rest " days in 35 days,
Florence is yet a bit different.  Up early, walk across to see,  David, Michelangelo's David, must be their in line before open time to minimize the wait lines, then back to the hotel by nine to start our four hour walking tour with a paid guide.  It was an incredible day. Worked beautifully, then back out to take a hop on, hop off, bus ride and see more of Florence. Back to the hotel by 6:45 to walk 20 minutes to dinner, home by 11:00, tired
David, open 8:15, crowded by 8:20

Pictures along the way

More of the trip,
Bike cave of Sienna

Day 26, Pistoria,

Churches, shopping and enjoying a ancient city, then a quick 53 km flat ride through the country. 
Riding thru Italian paradise with a bunch of great friends.