July 12, on the Rail Trail

Day 2 starts off back down the hill to the trail head, the road is two lane, truck traffic right lane, kinda scary after yesterday's rail to trail.  The climb continues up at one percent, endlessly one percent.  The trees, the beauty is endless as well.  See the trail, you can't, tree canopy is complete. 

July 12, Day 1, Along the Trail

Once we got beyond the city proper the trail became beautiful after miles of old and older steel mills and industrial park. 
The park like setting was to continue all day, warm sunny overcast and light rain throughout the day. 
The number of bikes with panniers was outstanding, all in real use by real travelers on the trail on a Sunday. 
As we drew close to our motel for the night, my energy levels were gone and needed a bump, yippee for Wendy's lemonade, went in for 5 minutes, dry then wet and cold, for the final climb to the hotel. Metric century where the final two miles are up hill, are just rude, add in the rain and s busy road with zero shoulders, yuck 

July 12, Day 1, Out of Pittsburgh

Drop off the car first, meet Bob's friend Rusty & Gail, to escort us out of town on our 330 mile ride to Washinton DC on the  Great Allegheny Parkway. The trail is on the west end a rail to trail from Pitts  to DC then from the eastern continental divide to DC the C & O Canal trail. 
The first ever Pittsburgh to Connellsville PA metric century ride 62.5 miles, for fully loaded touring bikes for riders from Colorado and Hawaii. There are two winners/survivors on this years ride. 

July 11, Day 0 Night Baseball

On a whim, Bob and I got club level tickets to Pittsburgh Pirates vs St Louis Cardinals baseball. Bob has attended three games Atlanta, Washington and NY Yankees, why not four. Bonus Bob has followed a Hawaiian player Kolton Wong thru college and now into the pros. 
We left after  9 inngs at 11, the game went to 14 and the Bucs winning. 

July 11, Day 0, Pittsburgh to DC

Day zero is riding around Pittsburgh after driving from DC. Beautiful ride through three states to arrive at the Iron City. First thing a bike rider sees are the HILLS throughout the city, San Francisco has the reputation, Pittsburgh has the hills. 
A whole series of hiccups delayed our first ride on the bikes path, reconitor with a 2 dimension map in a 3 dimension city was interesting, but fun and beautiful. Went to the LBS for fun stuff, a great crew. They explained in detail "The Dirty Dozen" 13 nasty hills, the flattest 20 degrees, the steepest 38 degrees

July 4th, Independence Day 2015

Bandemeier Raceway free fireworks for the west of Denver.  Free when you are outside the track, not on the freeway, not on the service road, not in the fields but FREE to those of us willing to be nearby, but out of reach of the authorities. 30 minutes of incredible fireworks, laying on the grass looking up and over to the fireworks.  Snug in a blanket, on a blanket with a honey, all is well.