Travel home, post eclipse

Travel time to eclipse, 3.25 hours,
Return time 9.++ hours
Ft. Laramie to Torrington WY 20 minutes
Torrington to Torrington 120 minutes
Torrington to Scottsbluff NE, to Kimbal, NE, to Erie, CO, to Evergreen CO, 400 minutes
445 miles total
Beautiful eclipse, lousy return trip, OVERALL UNCREDIBLE ECLIPSE 

The eclipse from a professional

This is not mine, but a friend's in law with talents beypund my comprehension, signed work
None of us are as good as this. 

Fort Laramie, Wyoming August 21, 2017

The full eclipse of the sun.  2017, a few miles from my home, close enough to drive to, possibly the last exclipse to be seen easily, so whatever it takes, let's roll and gather a memory for life, a full eclipse of our sun, best seen with friends to share with for ever, yes life is good.
The picture is not mine, pulled from the interweb, but shows what I was able to see  by looking to the sky with my naked eye, burned to memory forever and a day.  
The symbolism varies, mine is personal and heartfelt that will be shared with few, you know who you are, my family and friends

Full Eclipse 2017

Eclipse 2017,  1979 was the last full US eclipse and I can't remember it in any detail, February 26th 1979, Monday.  A younger supervisor in HR at UPS, was a long time ago.   A 27 year old adult, just past a youngster in age, a long ways from maturity, a ways till adulthood.  
Today Ft Laramie is the place to see the full eclipse of the sun, for possibie last time in my life.  2025 is a ways off, so this year is it.  Hope this image will last the remainder of my life.  

August 19, Luminaries, Erie

Luminaries, reminds me of my past, mid west, evenings, fire flys, warm evenings, humidity, porches, family, friends, common goals, comfort, swings, deciduous trees, warm glow from alcohol, adults, life.
Erie commons holds an evening once a year, a night of luminaries through out the community, sharing a warm night of friendship, a neighbor hood of families together. Nice feeling.

August 17, evening meal

Nice setting for dinner, join me?
Ok, all I have is a hamburger and red wine, but the setting is exquisite. Warm air, light breeze, evening sun, the perfect moment, join me?

Pickleball, a new frontier for me

There is a pickleball culture out there that most people do not know of.  This culture is not well known, it has been around for some time, started on Bainbridge Island, Washington years ago, 1965.
I didn't know of this "senior" game until 2016 when it was introduced at my local rec center.  It's absolutely huge, local club has 115 members and growing. Anyone with any mobility and any eye/hand coordination can participate and enjoy themselves.  The "senior" reference is due to the actual numbers,
29-39 12%
40-59  20 %
60+     50 %.  The remainder kids or real old
The courts are available both outdoor, weather permitting and inside every day Seven days a week year round. Summary grow old and come and play, I play at least 4 days a week. 

August 14th, Golden friends,

My good friends live at the end of the this pictured rainbow, I was excited that they had invited me to dinner, as they are wonderful folks, great cooks, lovely home, perfect evening in store.
Then to realize that they would have a pot of gold at their home, might even share some gold with me, a fantastic evening is about to unfold, yes.
Well the food was great, the wine delicious, the company good, the gold was not shared with me.  See, the gold must have been at the other end of the rainbow, they had no gold to share, I still won, friendship has more value than any gold. Thank you Kathie and Bob.

Memories, of my past, public telephone, my future

1970, The public pay telephone was the only means to stay in touch in the modern world, 
Ward Bradley and I set off in June 1970 to see the western United States by car by August. My parents needed a call every Sunday nite, to keep them informed as to where we were.  Post cards were good, required by my mother, but talking to them, COLLECT$, was needed to ensure we were ok as we traveled randomly in western states. No schedule, no itinerary, no plan, just two guys seeing the US after graduating from high school in June.  We saw so many things, people, parks, ocean, wild life and clarifying in our minds the vastness of our country the diversity of the people, we were lucky to see these things for ourselves, which effected our lives and future.
I became a traveler this summer of 1970, I am not done just yet.

Ride about, Platte River to confluence park

Out for a ride got a while.  The Platte River Trail, along Platte River is a wonderful bike trail from the south, Chatfield reservoir to Commerce City, maybe 25 miles long is well maintained and actually stunning.  Major water features, rest stops, beautiful place.  My 16 miles, in the center portion is one of my favorites,